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Saipriya Valoth

Mental Health Counseling Limited Permit (MHC-LP)

As a therapist, I strive to practice from anti-oppressive, anti-capitalist, social-justice-oriented, multiculturally-competent, and trauma-informed lenses and have an eclectic approach to therapy, primarily incorporating relational-cultural, feminist, and internal family systems modalities while still remaining flexible to best attend to clients’ individual needs. Exploring and critiquing the ways in which interlocking systems of oppression affect clients and their specific salient social identities and working to disrupt the ways in which we have internalized harmful messaging from them feel critical to therapeutic work. Above all, I consider the therapeutic relationship to be paramount and want to co-create a space in which, with time and trust, clients can feel safe enough to be their authentic selves and share their most vulnerable parts. My clients can expect to receive warm, non-judgmental, identity-affirming care, to be met with compassion and at times much-needed humor and levity, and at the same time, to be gently challenged to sit with hard feelings and discomfort, as the only way out is through. I aim to make therapy a client-led space where you, as the expert on your own life, decide what we talk about each week in addition to your longer-term goals, and I will still make room for me to be my authentic self with you and––with your consent––be more direct when appropriate and helpful.

I have experience and vehement interest in working with clients that identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community and/or are people of color. As part of my internship at the Institute for Human Identity, I worked with clients who wanted to explore concerns related to sexual/affectional orientation, gender identity, gender role socialization, interpersonal relationships, racial and ethnic identity, and consensual non-monogamy. I also have experience working with anxiety, depression, codependency, complex and acute trauma, and self-esteem. Ultimately, I view therapy as a way of collaborating with clients to foster self-exploration, growth, and healing in a way that aligns with and feels authentic to each therapy-seeker.

Saipriya Valoth: Team Members


Institute for Human Identity

Intern therapist at Manhattan private practice

Teachers College, Columbia University, 2022

M.Ed. in Counseling Psychology

M.A. in Mental Health Counseling

Barnard College

B.A. in Psychology

B.A. in Spanish & Latin American Cultures

Saipriya Valoth: Credentials
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